Support Services

Support Services

At Team Aryan, we strongly believe in making life simpler and easier for our customers. It is thus that we assist our clients
with a host of support services that they require. A few of them include:

Document Management

We have a strong focus and extensive experience in document management services. We have developed a proprietary software for the same with clear policies, processes and risk management capabilities which can be customized as per need. We have processed more than 200mn forms till date.

Chat and Email Support

A large team of experts provides chat and email support services to our clients. With our experience of working across 15 states in India, we can manage outsourcing projects of any scale across multiple locations. We specialize in technical support, enquiry handling and follow-up services.

Field Support

  • Collection Process
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Filed Sales
  • Surveys and Market Research

Back Office Management

We have an extensive portfolio in back office services which include -

  • Service Request Process
  • Customer Care Support
  • 1800 Helpdesk
  • Order Processing
  • Direct Response
  • Collection Calling
  • Verification and Appointment
  • List Processing and Database Updating
  • Tele Surveys and Market Research

Why Team Aryan

In our 15 plus years of existence, a large portion of our offerings portfolio has included Back Office Services and the same has been our major revenue driver. We understand back office operations like no one else does. Over years we have put in hard work and innovation into even the smallest task to ensure higher efficiencies, better quality and a high level of personalization to the end customers. We value your customers as much as you do!

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