Document Mangement System - An Auto Finance Company

Document Mangement System - An Auto Finance Company


An auto-finance company with the niche market base for automobile sector was having challenges in customer enrolling process of individuals. They did not have enough human resources to manage the flow, neither the expertise to carry out the process.

Targets Set

For the Monthly volume between 5000 to 10,000 cases

Document processing

Turn Around Time (TAT) was agreed for following processes -

  • For Document Audit
  • For Sending Acknowledgement
  • For Dispatching to Warehouse
  • For Retrieval

National Automated Clearing House (NACH) Processing

  • Turn Around Time (TAT) was agreed for receiving of mandates to their submission for registration.
  • 97% of NACH registration target was set.

Solution – Team deployed


Document Auditors

Deployed for verification and validation of authenticity of the customers document as per company’s guideline.


Deployed for Scanning Documents and uploading on DMS server, and dispatching document bunch for warehousing.


For Dispatching ‘Welcome Letter’ to the customer for confirmation.


For NACH processing like data entry, scanning, printing, curing, and warehousing team.

Software Developed and Deployed

The Software was implemented to maintain and determine the TAT for -
  • Acknowledgement
  • Dispatches from branches
  • Sending Letters and other information.
  • Warehousing & Logistic etc.
This gave broader attention and in detailed resolution for client’s problems.
  • Barcoding to each Agreement and NACH mandate. This gave easy tracking and fast retrieval of the documents.
  • Providing NACH mandate printed forms made mandate registration faster and accurate

Outcome of the Solution

  • Entire end to end Document Audit and Management handled with excellent compliance standards.
  • Communicating and acknowledging customer at every stage of enrollment process brought a high level of engagement, and transparency, which leads to the higher customer satisfaction.
  • All the timeframe and TAT was followed accurately, which resulted in more disbursals and happy hassle-free consumers.
  • NACH process managed with high efficiency of registration process resulted in maximum registrations and negligible repetition of work.
  • Printed NACH mandate successfully registered at 98% success ratio on an average. This has given the highest collection of money and minimal expense to collect it.
  • Every process had an administrative view from the client side, and real time reports gave them total control over the process and performance measurement.
  • All the documents were stored as per RBI compliance and was available for quick retrieval as and when required for statutory audit.

Additional Initiatives


Tracking software provided to check the each and every case’s progress. And also summarised the report for all process-flow and TAT.


Certain BI initiatives taken, helped client in addressing -

  • Certain cost leakages through couriers
  • Also helped to manage the performances of not only their employees, but their partners and dealers as well.

In-house Quality and Training: This helped us to ensure consistent knowledge and information across the team ensuring constant high level service.

  • Rewards and recognition are awarded to best performer.
  • Monthly gifts and certification rewards are given to keep team highly motivated.
  • Attractive Incentive structures are designed for team’s efforts and outcome.