CRM - Idea Cellular Ltd.

CRM - Idea Cellular Ltd.


Telecom company with a huge subscriber base of 20 million was facing a difficulty in ensuring proper servicing to their premier High Net Worthy Individuals and SME (mid-size companies). They did not have enough human resources to manage this class of customers. This was leading to dissatisfaction and resulting into -

  • Lower collections of billed amount
  • Lower retentions
  • Higher churning of subscribers
  • Unresolved complaints to the satisfaction of the subscriber

Targets agreed mutually on important KPI

> 91.5%

Minumum amount to be collected from the collectable base.

< 5.75%

Customer barring for non-payment percentage has to be less than.

< 3%

Customer churn has to reduce or to be kept below above percentage.

> 95%

Quality parameters have to be maintained or improved beyond above.

Solution – Team deployed



Relationship Managers deployed with Laptops and Data cards. Divided the subscriber base amongst them based on geography and volume. To visit clients and help build relationship, solving their problems by coordinating with various teams.

Email Agents

Agents replying to these set of subscribers using customized CRM was setup. This gave special attention and faster resolutions to their Queries/ Requests/ Complaints. This also gave support to RM who were directly interacting with clients.


Tele-callers to follow up for payments and giving reminders to the subscribers to ensure timely payments. Also to pursue the subscriber to continue the service on potential churn.

Q&T Agents

Quality and training agents deputed to ensure proper quality of service delivered by Back Office Agents and RMs. Also continuing with the learning and training.

Team Leaders

Team Leaders to manage the process ensuring the KPI are achieved.


Senior Manager to manage the process ensuring the KPI are achieved.

The Result

Collection Performance MoM

Collection Performance

Target to keep Churn below 3%

Barring to be kept below 5%

Maintained Quality parameters

Additional Initiatives

  • App for RMs: This helped them to get real time information on visit plans and also gave TLs visibility and feedback of visits.
  • Software for e-mail management: This enabled us to track and monitor the replies and their TAT. Also helped us to measure the performance of the agent.
  • In-house Quality and Training: This helped us to ensure consistent knowledge and information across the team ensuring constant high level service.
  • R & R: Kept the team highly motivated.