Customer Service is the assistance and advice provided by a company to customer in terms of giving information to customer about its product, providing after sale service.

This end to end process is monitored to check the quality of services to ensure customer is satisfied or delighted. We check quality in every step for the end result that is customer satisfaction. Customer can have good or bad experience basis the service that was provided to him.

Whenever the service is not appreciated organization does a recovery of service by its intelligence and skills so that customer does not move on to its competitors. But it’s to be said ‘Precaution is better than cure’. Hence Quality in service is required for consistency and growth. If an organization wants to grow it has to aim for consistency in service.

It is no secret that our company aims to look after our clients well, ensuring that the client is at the heart of our business and everything they do.

Our company is a customer focused company in delivering what we promise and meet customer expectation.

Being more customer-focused and providing Service Excellence is becoming a significant advantage. It helps business to win clients in an extremely competitive environment nowadays and it facilitates cost–saving.

What do we understand as Quality in customer service?

Good customer service means helping are partners efficiently, in a friendly manner. It’s essential to be able to handle issues for customers (Clients) and do your best to ensure they are satisfied.

Providing good service is one of the most important things that can set your business apart from the others of its kind. Quality customer service is therefore directly linked to client retention. Businesses do not exist without customers. Catering to the needs of the client is a key to customer retention. To provide excellent customer service, a culture of serving clients must spread throughout the organization.

Providing continuous high quality service is one of basic ways that our organization can do to differentiate itself from other competitors. We measure the quality at every step to ensure we meet the expectations of our clients. Review month on month basis to perform better and excel the expectations.

Example: A restaurant that provides consistent service levels.

If an organization wants to grow it has to aim for consistency in service. If the same taste is provided every time the customer visits to the same restaurant, customer will never switch to its competitors unless and until Partner Company provides him something that is exceptional.

Example: A restaurant that does their best to accommodate special requests (e.g. off menu orders).

This means while being consistent an organization also has to provide something exceptional only then we can retain our customers.

  1. Professionalism and Skills – We provide the knowledge and skill that is required to accomplish the goal
  2. Attitudes and Behavior – Manner in which we solve their problems in friendly and Spontaneous way.
  3. Accessibility and Flexibility – Feel free to provide operational systems, location, employees as required to match with demand.
  4. Reliability and Trustworthiness – to keep the promise that we agreed upon with the support of system & employees.
  5. Service Recovery – in unpredictable situations immediately take action to keep the situation in control.

    Quality measuring tools and recovery: